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United States
Hii Hii!
Im Alli (aka Mokona) and Im 20

Love Hiei, An Cafe, anime, manga, and jrock! Anything Japanese Im obsessed with! I adore cute things!

Art is my passion, along with cosplaying. I live for them!

Current Residence: Makai
Favourite genre of music: Jrock
Favourite style of art: Baroque, Mannerism, Abstract, Asian
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Wallpaper of choice: MY HIEI
Skin of choice: Hiei!!! <3
Favourite cartoon character: Hiei Jaganshi, Mokona Modoki
Personal Quote: Life's a bitch.....Get a helmut!
OK. Ive been putting this off far too long to update my journal. I meant to about a month ago, and so much has happend then. However, even tho I am in the mood for it now, I haz ta work. (seriously, its ALWAYS like that! when ever I get motivation and really want to do something, I cant cuz i have to work! UGH!) Anyways, I plan on fully updating this when I get home.

Itll prolly be a TWO-PART journal, since what I was going to write awhile back, well...happend awhile back! And new things have happend since (obviously!) lol

I also plan on doing a poll here for the cons I will be attending. I only am sure of one, "maybe" two. But due to financial shit hitting the fan, my plans of going to all out of state cons this year (2012) have kinda been messed up and I need help deciding which ones to go to. Concidering I can go, ect ect.

I will also post yet ANOTHER journal (yay! spam! w00t! lol jk) of my current cosplay list, as MUCH has changed! Oh lord. I think all of it did...for the mort part. As well as retiring some cosplays, cuz they not longer fit due to me loosing weight. But yeah. Ill get to that later today! So...STAY TUNED!!

LOVE LOVE! :blowkiss:

EDIT Ok. forgot a couple other things. Just need to remind myself otherwise Ill get distracted and not remeber/do it. I will also today, if not all then tomorrow too, get to responding and commenting. and faving a bunch of stuff in my msgs! Ive seen them just havent had time to comment on everything and all. But saved them so I will do it! So yeah! Thats about it until later on today! See ya!
  • Listening to: Kerli
  • Reading: &lt;3 Homestuck &lt;3
  • Watching: TONS OF ANIME~!!
  • Playing: Does Homestuck count in some ways?
  • Eating: cheese danish
  • Drinking: white chocolate mocha frappaccino

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Kurama--Babe Featured By Owner May 25, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Mokona, please please please go on FB and message Rin. I'm told he has a new phone number, so don't text his old number. He's really upset that you haven't gotten a hold of him. Plus it's almost June and I need my pigtails by then.
antic-cafe Featured By Owner May 25, 2012
Hey! OMG! Im soooo sorry! I havent been online at all! my internet went out due to comcast being so friggin stupid! Been a complete pain in the ass! (never use comcast!) Ok. That explains it since I did msg him thru txt. And dont worry! I will have le piggytails to you! A lot has come up in the recent weeks and just havent been on much due to all of it. Im extremely sorry! but why hasnt he contacted me? He has my number and knows he can txt me any time I told him! hmm...Ill go do that right now! Im sorry for being away so long! I didnt have interwebz for 5days except thru my phone which I dont like using unless nessesary. Thanks for letting me know! And Ill have the pigtails to you soon! Thanks!
Kurama--Babe Featured By Owner May 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've heard Comcast is made of such suck. Didn't realize that's what you had. A lot has come up for him too. he's in the process of looking for another job.

Did you have a good birthday? Happy belated birthday!
antic-cafe Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012
OMG you have NO IDEA! *headdeskx2combo* they. are. the. worst! I lost internet/cable 3 times! each for like 4 days each! its friggin redicuolus! Im thinking of terminating it much of a hassle. I have the number for them stored in my cell its THAT BAD!

Yeah Ive talked to him! weve tried to get together multiple times but our schedule keep getting in the way. Im hoping to see him sometime soon!

hehe! Yus! I did! I had a fantastic bday! It was amazing! Didnt expect it! I think its better to not expect anything and then it all goes wonderfully than to expect anything at all. Thats what im going to do from now on. It makes a whole world of difference! ^w^
(1 Reply)
Sakeke Featured By Owner May 24, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey! I already said on FB, but I'll say it here too~!
Happy birthday! <33
antic-cafe Featured By Owner May 26, 2011
hehe!! AWWW!!! *hugglestightly* :tighthug: youre so sweet!!! Youre THE ONLY one who wished me happy bday on here!!!! And you did on FB as well!!! Youre soooo awsome!!!! We need to hang out more!!!! I miss youuuuuuuuuu!!!! I cant remember the last time I saw you!! I saw you at AD, but couldnt get a chance to say hi! I saw/lol mostly heard you at the Digimon panel! (I was mad cuz they like totally skipped over season 4! AND! I had my hand raised to get the crest, but the picked someone else instead....sad day. THEY DIDNT EVEN KNOW WHO CULUMON WAS!! THEY THOUGHT IT WAS TAILMON!!! *smashes head against keyboard* Seriously, that was just SAD! *pets Culumon* But yeah! the only time I remember hanging out big time was....O_o omg...HALLOWEEN!!!! wow...thats bad!!! *sadpanda* mades me soo sad!!! TT^TT But thank you sooo much! Its so sweet and means alot!!! *huggles* :cuddle:
Sakeke Featured By Owner May 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
<33 Aw! I'm sorry! I just wanted to make sure you got a birthday wish no matter where lol
I think the last time we saw eachother WAS at Detour. Dx
I'm going to be at AniMinneapolis! You goin?
UHG I KNOW. I loved Season4, but I've only seen like, half of it myself.
I'm sorry. D: I could have won one of the badges but I put my hand down for some reason. I got one in the end though. I think it's still in my backpack (which I haven't emptied yet.)
AND I KNOW, RIGHT? Talk about stupid. How can you NOT know who Culumon is?
I just hope she needed glasses badly.

I don't hang out with anyone these days Dx School has been bleh all up in my face.
<33 Miss you!
antic-cafe Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2011
D'awww!!!! :glomp: hehe!! youre sooo sweet~!! Youre the only person who said it on dA at All! That makes it super special! SUPERSPECIALAWSOME LIKE YOUUUUUUUU!!!! :la:

Unfortunately, no. I will not be going to AniMin. My Con scheduale is already maxed out and its too close to AnimeIowa. :cries:

I KNOW RIGHT!?!?! Its like they said "SEASON 4" and then everyone just booed! I was upset!!! And then all they said was how bad it wss! THEN MOVED BACK TO SEASON 1-3!!! LIKE WTF!?!?! I understand that some dont like the digidestined to become digimon, but it was actually good and had a pretty nice decent plot! Loved the characters! And it was something different from the norm! But after Season 4, it all went down hill from there. THAT I do agree on!
I had my hand raised before ANYONE else for the Season 4 question, but they picked someone up front instead! *ubersadpanda* :cries: IT WASNT FAIR!!!
AND i HELD CULUMON UP WHEN THEY SAID SEASON 4! EVERYONE THOUGHT IT WAS TAILMON :dohtwo: (sadly they said Gatomon...>.> bleh :disbelief:) I was so shocked they didnt know THE ONLY DIGIMON WITH NO DIGIDESTINE!:stupid: I MEAN COME ON!!! :shakefist: HOW ARE YOU EVEN RUNNING A DIGIMON PANEL!?!?!? :faint: I didnt even bother to correct them. waste of my time....:wtf:
Anyways! imma be late for workz! Haz to go noa! seeya!!!
WhisperingKage Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the watch. :3
antic-cafe Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011
hehe! Yup! This is Kanon_Fanatic on the AD forums! the one looking into trading with you!! ^~^
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